Levester (n)

an organism, an animal, a chordate, a vertebrate, a mammal, a eutherian, a primate, a simian, a hominid, an omnivore, a Homo sapiens, a human, a person, a thing, a being, a homo, a queer, a lover, a crush, a fantasy, a rejection, a secret, a butch queen, a versatile, a fucker, a fuck, a release, a relief, a booty call, a man, a cis, an adult, an idealist, a mistake, a chance, an opportunity, a regret, a threat, a success, a failure, a procrastinator, a buyer, an entrepreneur, a producer, a consumer, a drinker, a masturbator, a freak, a gamer, a game maker, an object maker, an artist, an artist-in-residence, a scholar, a dilettante, a reader, a poet, a writer, a literate, a researcher, a designer, a sculptor, an animator, a worker, an alumnus, a graduate, a commoner, an intellectual, a savant, a Fanonian, a Césairean, a Lefebvrian, a Bulterian, a Lordean, a Wolverine, a Ram, a Lion, a recipient, a loaner, a borrower, a penny saver, a giver, a taker, a liar, a forgiver, a donor, a collector, a fan, an aficionado, a geocacher, a nerd, a black, a nigga, an African-American, an American, a Michigander, a Tennessean, a Midwesterner, a Southern, a Columbian, a Westerner, a carpetbagger, a taxpayer, a citizen, a voter, a violator, a tourist, a traveler, a visitor, an outcast, a foreigner, an occupant, an inhabitant, an urbanite, a dweller, an extraterrestrial, a Terran, an earthling, a clairvoyant, a self-doubter, a dreamer, a visionary, a protector, an environmentalist, an independent, a socialist, a pacifist, a fighter, an athlete, a dancer, a trainee, a kickboxer, an orthodox, an unorthodox, a Christian, a secularist, a pluralist, a believer, a descendant, a successor, a millennial, a Sagittarius, a son, a bastard, a brother, a sibling, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, a neighbor, an enemy, an agitator, a fool, an ally, a feminist, a collaborator, a stranger, a friend, an Instagrammer, a blogger, a user, a profile, a subscriber, a follower, a leader, an avatar, a doppelgänger, a sprite, a third-party, a tenant, a renter, an owner, a passenger, a driver, a holder, a pedestrian, a runner, a biped, an ambivert, a predator, a prey, a meat, a food, a flesh, a non-diabetic, an ectomorph, a body, a soul, an object, an other, a subject, a self, an ego, a protagonist, an antagonist, a victim, a survivor, a patient, a character, a watcher, a looker, a lurker, a bystander, a figure, a player, a swinger, a participant, a learner, a mentor, a mentee, a listener, a caller, a speaker, a form, a matter, a texture, an image, a data, a phenomenon, a perversion, an anomaly, an Anglophone, a word, a sound, a growler, phonemes, a forename, a name


The previous (inexhaustible and growing) list of the identifiers to which I subscribe or within which I exist paves a complicated, contradictory, yet ever-reaching wholeful entry point into my life. Thereby, the intricacies of an idiosyncratic artist’s life are the content which I will inscribe on these following posts to come.

Since I have earned a U.S Fulbright Student Award to conduct research in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, I am currently writing this post during my grant period. Moreover, many of the upcoming posts will specifically reflect on my time here. I hope both you and I may arrive in unknown, but possible territories of our livelihoods.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in subsequent posts are the author’s own and do not reflect the views or beliefs of any other constituents, including third parties.)


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